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A Digital Agency

We’re committed to impeccable service, deliverable results and indisputable integrity.

Forward Thinking

We work with clients on marketing strategies to grow the long term value of their businesses and improve performance.

Problem Solvers

Web design is, and always will be, about problem-solving, and web galleries generally can’t teach you how to be good at that. We are here to assist you.

Customer Support

We want our customers to trust and value the service we provide to them, meeting and exceeding their expectations every time we deal with them.

Our Story

As a Veteran owned Technology Consultant / Business Developer and member of the Project Management Institute. We are a group of accomplished Sales and Marketing Professionals with a dynamic career track record of leading high growth and startup companies. We are known for strengthening companies to lead in competitive markets and for delivering innovative marketing concepts and strategies. We effectively manage the sale cycle process from client consultation to closing including the development of pricing structures and service negotiations.

Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

Founder & CEO

As Data Pro’s Business Owner / Developer, Michael provides innovative business solutions and defines business requirements for all market sectors. He is responsible for developing current business processes, enhancement requests for current business goals. He coordinates with project managers, owners, investors and developers to ensure functional requirements set forth by the owner have been completed successfully.

Alex Zweig

Alex Zweig

Lead Full Stack Developer

With a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Communication from ASU, Alex helps our team express our clients’ brand essence across all digital and traditional marketing mediums.

“I have a passion for mobile application development, web development, web design, graphic design, SEO, content writing and management, internet marketing, social media and audio and video editing software.”

Amanda Adamson

Amanda Adamson

Director of Marketing

Versatile and dynamic Marketing Director with a keen ability to develop integrated marketing strategies to promote growth and support established business goals. Dynamic leader and innovative marketing talent with a strong blend of expertise in traditional marketing avenues as well as new, progressive approaches.

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