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After years of constant change and major shifts in internet technology and user behavior, few things are the same in the field of web marketing as they were in 2001. DataPro remembers when marketing was simply a matter of having a pretty website. While things are vastly different today, there has been one constant in the battle for Google’s top search results: content.

“Content marketing isn’t just about being found. It’s about being useful for the people who need your services. DataPro provides content that matters to your visitors.”– David Rhoades,Content Developer

Your business doesn’t just need any content either.

It used to be that copying and pasting your different keywords three or four dozen times might have fooled search engines, but that’s just not the case anymore. You need fresh, innovative, authoritative content. Google recently released their web standards for high-ranking sites, and among the most important factors in ranking is content that is both useful to readers, factually accurate, and relevant.

Utilize Our Team of Professional Content Writers

At DataPro, writing is one of our specialties. Our clients get a team of skilled writers who are devoted to making sure their site ranks and readers turn into revenue. Whether you are a lawyer, franchise owner, home service provider, or any kind of business, we have spent countless hours researching not only what markets your business best, but what your readers want to know!

Synergy with Search Engine Marketing

The other good news about content is that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Strong content also supplements everything else in your marketing plan too. Good content increases your campaign’s quality score—which means the better your content is, the more effective your pay-per-click marketing will be. When your business is ranking “organically” (or as a result of natural search results) as well as in the PPC ads, users are more likely to choose your business over a competitor’s. Studies also show that the click-through-rates of PPC ads improved when lower-ranked sites had strong content.

Alongside that, our content services are uniquely flexible. With DataPro’s campaigns, you can pay for multiple content packages. Whether you only need a page a month or multiple pages a week, you can choose what works best for your business’ marketing strategy. Our writers can provide you with the high-quality pages that gets you ranking consistently over time, with fast turnaround times—which means you never have to let an opportunity slip through your fingers.

If you have questions about content marketing or any of our other services, call DataPro at (512) 924-0003 to speak with one of our content marketing experts.

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